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Grain crushers

Grain crushers also known as mill grinding machines, are intended for crushing cereal grains and seeds. Preparation of feed using our device has many advantages and allows you to get the highest quality feed. Grain crushing technology ensures very high digestibility of feed while maintaining low electricity consumption. M-rol grain crushers have a wide range of equipment, which includes: adjustable legs, steel crushing rollers with cuts, magnetic separator protecting against metal elements, mechanical gap adjustment, mechanical grain dosage adjustment, overload switch. The device can be used as part of a feed line.

Grain crushers ZH 122:

Engine power [kW]7,5
Number of rollers 2
Roll width [mm]300
Eoll diameter [mm]240
Length/width/height [cm]150/65/160
Efficiency [t/h]ok. 2

Contact for advice:

tel: +48 539 264 252

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