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Wet corn shredder (CCM Shredder)

Due to the drastic increase in the cost of corn drying, the trend of corn ensilage has grow. In response to market demand for this type of equipment, we designed and manufactured the CCM shredder. The CCM shredder is designed to shred wet grain (acceptable moisture content of up to 35%) or decocted corn cobs into CCM (Corn-Cob-Mix). The machine is designed in a knife version, so we can also shred whole cobs. Power requirements from 80 hp and 1000 rpm at the PTO shaft output. All structural elements exposed to abrasion are designed from HARDOX 500 steel, which repeatedly increases the life of the machine and makes the machine failure-free. The efficency of the machine is up to 16t/h – depending on the input material. Thanks to the configurable pressing element, we can fill BIG-BAG bags and plastic sleeves as well as pile up heaps.

Wet corn shredder (CCM Shredder)

Power reguirement80KM
Capacity (t/h)do 16

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