MROL - Maszyny Rolnicze
The main characteristics of our machines is their solid construction and excellent reliability and durability. We offer a full range of agricultural equipment indispensible on your farm.


Loose feed mixers with vertical conveyors are available in the following capacities: 500 kg, 750 kg, 1000 kg, 1200 kg, 1500 kg, 2000 kg. Mixers are used to prepare fodder for many various kinds of animals.

Electronic scales

Electronic scales for mixers, max weight 2500 kg, 10 feed lists (each list have 6 components )


Suction and force feed mill, working together with the mixer. Size of the feed depends on the sieve size. We offer four types of feed mills: 11 kW, 15 kW, 18,5 kW, 22 kW.

Auger conveyors

Auger conveyors can be used to transport grain and feed. We produce auger conveyors with an inlet at the bottom and an engine at the top as well as auger conveyors with a hopper and engine at the bottom, vertical auger conveyors with one or two engines. In our offer we also have platforms for auger conveyors.

Silage cutter

Silage cutter attached to the three-point hitch. Available in versions 1.42 m wide. Cutter can be attached to TUR front loader.

Straw Shredder

STRAW SHREDDER cuts straw, which should be put manually intoa loading chamber. Straw shredded in this way is ready for furtherprocessing in briquetting press. The raw material can then beapplied in production of straw pellets.

Automatic Driver

The fully automated control system allows for customized solutions, from single units to advanced feed lines, controlled by an automatic controller. The wide range of our systems enables the development of control systems, tailored to the needs of each customer.

Full feed lines

FULL FEED LINES are used for preparing feed for pigs, cows, chickens and other animals. Feed line consists of feed mixer, suction and force feed mill, electronicscales and automatic suction splitter (optionally).

Suction blowers

Suction blowers are available in two versions: with an 11 kW and 15 kW motor. The device facilitates efficient grain conveyance while loading or unloading flat warehouses and siloses. Its mobile design is always useful when grain conveyance takes place in a few different or inaccessible places.

Grain dryers

Please become familiar with our grain dryer.

Spare parts

In our offer we have a number of typical spare parts for machines manufactured by us. All typical parts can be ordered by specifying the device type and engine power.

Automatic suction splitter

Automatic suction splitter 5-ways. It works together with suction and force feed mill. The device may be controlled by electronic scales or manually. Automatic suction splitter can be a part of small or big fully automatic feed lines.

Folded Silo

M-ROL fold-out lodges are available in several weight groups. The smallest silo is produced with a capacity of 2,000 kg (own weight 410 kg) while the largest can accommodate up to 7,000 kg (own weight 785 kg).
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