MROL - Maszyny Rolnicze

The straw chopper is designed for straw crushing, hand fed into the loading chamber. The shredded fraction is completely ready for further processing in the briquetting machine. The obtained raw material is used in the production line of straw pellets. In addition, the shredded product can be used as a substitute compost in farms for mushroom growing or as a bedding for animals and birds.


The work of the shredder consists in sucking in the straw, given manually by pouring in the form of a cube (after removing the string) or loose. After the straw is crushed by the knives located in the chamber of the device, the straw through the mesh screen reaches the fan and it is transported pneumatically through the outlet nozzle, on which it is possible to mount the discharge hose.

Straw Shredder

input materialdimensions of the material being fed [m]humiditylength of chaff [cm]engine power [kW]material feedingefficiency [kg/h]staff
straw, hayloose or ankle 0,45x0,45x0,85to 35%1 – 822handmade10001 person
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